Sunday, December 9, 2012

Happy Silly.

Thank you so much for the response we got in Tacoma for this months 2sat.
It was as, Deb Bock and I used to love to say, a 2nd Saturdayz Miracle.

I thought that I wanted to have a sale to get rid of some Christmas that I had been making, and went looking for a small space to have a little bizarre bazar.  And then it grew! In 10 days into a really sweet mini 2Sat.

I am so touched that the vendors who came trusted me enough to think that it would be worth their while.  It is an honor to have friends who will stick with me and my cocka mamie schemes.  I know most of them did very well and decided that Tacoma might be a really great place to have a market after all.

Sometimes I just throw things up to the Happy, Silly Gods and see what sticks........they gave the Junk Tribe a 2nd Saturdayz christmas miracle.  And I believe in lots of Happy Silly in 2013.

Hope to see you all, January 12, somewhere in Tacoma.  Please sign up for our e-mails and keep track of us on Facebook,  2nd Saturdayz.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

2nd Saturdayz Holiday

We are so excited, what started with Virginia and I deciding we needed a little show before Christmas has turned into a gathering of the Junk Tribe.

Hope to see all of wonderful, crazy, fun loving customers here!

You will love Tacoma,  it's filled with Junk and 2 of the best vintage clothing stores I have ever seen, no kidding.  Vanity, who will be at 2Sat and Glenna's  . Stanford & Sons is of course world famous for amazing antiques and now has a middle floor filled with great vintage and cool stuff.  I hesitate to even mention these next 2 stops, cuz I kinda have a little crush on them and want to keep them to myself, but Poppy & Co. is so good filled with great items that have been hand curated and made to look amazing.  The other spot Millesime love her and her lovely store. So come to 2nd Satudayz, shop and go get yourself on a Camel at the Art Museum,you really can't beat those options.  Just saying.

Thursday, October 25, 2012


This is my friend Frank.  He went away last month.  As he was climbing up to put the last bits of his "junk" on top of his van he either passed out or fell.  And then he left.  He was at his favorite place, Fremont Sunday Market, he had had himself a day of visiting and selling, it was a good time for his exit.

I loved the Frank, he claimed to his dying day that I stole the idea of having a flea market every month at Mag park from him.  I knew Frank for 15 years and he always called me "that God Damned Linda morrison".  He hated me at first site, and I was determined to make him a friend.  In the end, or towards the end we had to let each other go.  Frank had demons that I wanted no part of.  But there are a few things I know for sure about Frank Olivo, he was a great junker.  A true original.  He was tidy beyond anything I could ever understand, he was proud of his kids, and he loved Virginia.

Last week end I was in Southern California doing Remnants of the Past, and I was thinking about how much Frank would of loved to have been there.  A bit later as I was helping a couple with their purchases I saw someone who looked like Frank, small hispanic men are not unusual in S Cal, so I continued what I was doing and then a second later looked again.  And it was him, Frank, in his pressed chinos, blue work coat and collared shirt and baseball hat.  He gave me the stink eye that always proceeded, that God Damned Linda Morrison and faded into the crowd.

Frank has left the market.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

News Break

2nd Saturdayz is on hiatus, I looked and pondered about what to do while our building at Mag Park was under going renovations.  And nothing came along.  I am a huge believer that the Universe lets you know stuff.  And after looking and spending days on the phone and visits to lots of really unsuitable venues I just realized it was time to let the wind take me where it may.  So in 6-9 months the building will be ready at Magnuson Park once again, Geff and I will get to take a long over due vacation to parts as yet unknown to us, and maybe some Maui time.

I will miss the "Tribe" like crazy.  Some folks in the vintage business love the hunt for great stuff, I like the unexpected folks that would walk in the door on Friday to set up.  I love seeing Kathy, Kris and Richard, Little Linda and Gerry, I will miss Jill and think about how Bill is doing, Susan Plunkett and Virginia I see, but I will miss watching them turn the ordinary into cuteness.  I will miss them all, the sometimes vendors and the folks who were always there.  Otis and Gail.  I adore Gail but the Otis just squeezes my heart.  Such a sweet loving little creature.  I will miss it.  I never have once regretted being a part of 2nd Saturdayz and I am proud of it and when the building is ready hopefully the "Tribe" will reassemble and we will carry on our antics.

But in the mean time you junk loving shoppers will have plenty to keep you amused.  This weekend, Sept 28&29 is The Mad Hatter Flea Market in Spokane.  I am in total love with Glad and her adorable family including Cel who is the co-promoter of this divine event.  I have done this show every single year, but this year I had to opt out for a pre planned girls weekend. But if you can go you are lucky ducks.

Then in Oct 12 and 13th the ever amusing Ruffles and Rust will once again be filled to the brim with great vendors and fun times.  Timi always puts on a great show and you won't be sorry if you can get to the monroe fair grounds to pay them a visit.

I am very proud to say that this year I will be a vendor at Remnants of The Past.  It has been named the best market in the country and frankly I think I am in way over my head, but this is where my theme for this year, FEAR Less", kicks in. The show starts Oct 19th with a early buying celebration and runs thru the weekend.  For the full on info, go to the amazing website at  Working with Judy and her helpers has been amazing.  And from everything I have heard the show will be astounding.  I talked my friend Susan Wheeler into going down and being a vendor at the show as well.  Hope to see some familiar faces there.

In November on the 2nd Saturday you have lots to do my friend Sharon Kagy who puts on one of my favorite markets monthly at the Thurston Co fair grounds is having her yearly Girlfriends Holiday Market at the Thurston Co Fairgrounds.  And Junk Salvation is returning to Puyallup to do what those sisters love to do.  Put on a great, good time junk loving show. I will be there selling my wares.

So thats the scoop, yours in Junk and Fun  Lulu.

Sunday, September 16, 2012


This last weekend Geff and I packed up the van and did The Island Chicks Show.  I love this show.  I always get to see my first ever friend Joni Sattler, now Bulfinch.  I get to be in what I consider my home, Skagit Valley and I love the women who put on this show.  Even if I didn't make a cent, which I do, I would travel a long distance to do this show.  That being said.  This time we set up next to some "newbies".  And it reminded me of all that goes into setting up and selling your wares.  I wish I could of talked with them before they ever, ever set up.  I see the same thing at 2nd Saturdayz.  So if you are new to the junk, sell your wares game here are some pointers.

1.  Your tent is not your friend the first dozen times you put it up or take it down.  I do not care what the box says.  They are hideous beasts that make no sense and the only intent of the manufactures is to pinch your fingers and make you look like a complete idiot.  Once you get used to it you will be able to put it up  in a windstorm with sideways pounding rain by yourself and not get wet, but that is a long way off, years, years away.  Ask for help.  It is OK we have all been there.

2. For the love of all that is pretty and good, do not use your plastic bins on the ground as a display.  Nothing seems like it is worth anything when it is on the ground.  I know old time junk dealers that still pile their stuff on the ground or floor.  Really it just makes me cringe. And I hate those plastic bins,  you are not at Fremont or a swapmeet. You have paid really good money to be in this market and displaying your product like you are having a garage sale is just wrong.  Can you tell this is a major pet peeve of mine?  And another thing, what is the problem with going to a home store and getting a couple of drop cloths for table covers?  Or go to Goodwill and get a old table cloth or sheet......really it takes so little to make things look just a bit finished off.

3. Sometimes no one wants what you made.  It happens to me all the time, they just do not want it.  5 years ago when I made my first spoon necklace and took them to Barn House, Farm Chicks, Fremont, no one wanted them. Only Susan Wheeler loved them, (love the Wheeler). Took them to the first Madd Hatter Market and they where a huge hit, thanks Glad and Cel, but now when ever I make and take them anywhere they sell out.   So this is the thing, sometimes your hitting the wrong crowd at the wrong time.  I just get a gut feeling about something and know that it is the right.  And I make it until I convince others it is the right thing as well.  I work the way I display it, I fool around with the price, the colors, the sayings. Whatever until folks see what I am seeing that I think makes it a cool piece.

4. Do not start taking your booth apart before the close of the show, 15 minutes before is ok, anything before that is just disrespectful of all the work that the promoters of the show have done.  Really wait the 45 minutes, what is it going to hurt?

5. You are not the only one loading out.  This is a classic new vendor mistake.  Pack your stuff up, go get your car, load your car quickly and move.  Do not park in the middle of the road and roam away, do not go get your car 1/2 an hour early and park in front of the venue and the pack your booth up.  Pack your booth, get car, pack car and move.  So much irritation can be avoided with this handy little rule.

6. This is a hard one, if you can't act nice, act interesting.  Or interested.  I really don't have to act interested, cuz mostly I am interested in the folks that come by my booth. I remember one time at Fremont someone coming by and it was a crappy cold day and I was set up next to the pot smoking bad music playing jerk offs and I was just grumpy as hell.  And someone came in and said something and I replied with, "the dingo ate my baby", we both just cracked up.  I find a Steinfeld line to be most helpful in any number of situations.  Folks have left their cozy houses to be entertained, by product or by encounter.  Some of my best customers come and find me at every show because they know that I will have something to contribute to their outing.

7.  The junk business is hard.  The work is hard manual work, don't do it if you don't love it.  I had a absolutely perfect day this last Saturday.  The sun was shinning, I was right next to the water, Geff and Buddy were there I was set up to nice folks, Susan Plunkett was about making me giggle, I got rid of a bunch of stuff and made good money.  Spending the week prior cleaning pricing packing and then all day Friday packing the van,  all after 4 weeks after a hysterectomy, then getting up at 3:30 in the morning to make a 111 mile drive, unpacking the van arranging lugging, pushing crap around, spending until 4pm on your feet under the sun, and then packing it all up again and driving home 111 miles, that may not sound like the perfect day to everyone.  But it is to me.  And that is what you have to look at when your thinking of going into the biz of selling like a Gypsy on the road.   No one wants to hear about how hard you work, really no one.  There are much harder jobs out there.  Geff has a friend who is an accountant for her husbands plumbing business, Saturday she was in a office doing accounting stuff.  Now that is a miserable hard job. I asked why she wasn't a junk dealer, he didn't know.....

I mostly love, love, love what I do.  This is a honorable great way to make a living.  But it is not for everybody.  Only you know if it is right for you.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Sept 2nd Saturdayz

Sept 8th will be the last market in our lovely light filled room at Magnuson Park. That is the same place where the market has been housed for the last 3 years.  Hours are 8-3 and the admission is 5.00 all the live long day.  Hope to see you there.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

The big change.

So we, the Tribe and I, have been a frettin' about where we are going after the August show.  As I am sure many of you have heard the workshop will be closed for 6+ months for retro-fitting and totally unusable. I was sick about loosing my most wonderful building and started looking, calling, pleading and begging for other usable buildings with character.  And ended up where Bob, John and I were when we first started the market.  Nada.

But I was talking to Linda Marcov about Marburger and she reminded me it is set up in a tent, aha moment.  If it is good enough for Marburger it's good enough.  So I'm talking with tent companies , if any of you have someone you have used in the past for a wedding etc let me know.  We need a 40x80. Why do none of them have a circus tent for us to rent ?  Would love that.

Now I am chatting with Michelle at Mag park to find just the right spot, parking, easy pack in and out and bathrooms.

I can not tell you how excited I am to start this next phase of 2nd Saturdayz.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

If your happy and you know it.......

When I walk in to the hanger on Saturday morning I am happy.

And I hope that our customers are happy and the vendors are happy.

does that sound trite?  Probably, but I like happy.



 adj \ˈha-pē\


Definition of HAPPY

: favored by luck or fortune : fortunate happy
: notably fitting, effective, or well adapted : felicitous happy
a : enjoying or characterized by well-being and contentmenthappiest
 person I know> happy childhood>b : expressing, reflecting, or suggestive of happiness happy ending>c : gladpleased happy to meet you>d : having or marked by an atmosphere of good fellowship :friendly happy office>
a : characterized by a dazed irresponsible state happy
 boxer>b : impulsively or obsessively quick to use or do somethinghappy>c : enthusiastic about something to the point of obsession :obsessed happy — Helen Rowen>

I am all those things and lucky. 

 Yesterday's 2Sat was real fun for me.  On set up day some one, who will remain nameless, cut my waist length hair, which was in it's braided state, off with some manicure scissors, which amuses the hell out of me. She called me chicken and double dogged dared me. I had to do it. 

Gail and Otis were back, along with Linda Jensen.  Gail was a bit grumpy, Otis was contrite, (he ran away from home the day before)  and Linda was plucky, just as she always has been.  I think Gerry and Maureen have a little romance going on.  And Nina brought such a beautiful table it was heart rendering to see it go out the door to some excellent shoppers, who are opening a store, , in LaConner Wa. Virginia's booth was packed full of great stuff.  Nina and I each bought an amazing rack that she conjured up on a junking trek.  Virginia, is a true pro, and I am so proud to call her a friend.  We missed our friend Jill who was helping her son prepare to get married. But Susan Plunkett was there in good form and humor as always, there was some breakage, at one point I looked over to see Susan stuck in a plastic packing crate, butt first.  Love Susan she has a huge heart and I find her endlessly amusing and she finds the best junk.  You know what is amazing, is the amount of stuff Sheryl brings every month to the market.  She and Nick work so hard every single month , she is a favorite with customers because you never know what treasures you will find in her booth. It is truly a trove of wonderfulness.   Next month she has other commitments so will not be at 2nd Saturdayz and will be missed.  

These folks make me happy,  it all warms my heart.  I have never, ever claimed to be the best show promoter on the planet, I am a bit lazy and too involved with my own life to want to spend the hours and hours it would take every single month to create a "SHOW".  I never wanted to have a Farm Chicks, or Remnants of the Past, or Marburger every single month.  What I want to do with 2nd Saturdayz is create a market where hard working vendors can come, set up in a drama free pleasant atmosphere and make enough money to go out and hunt and gather some more great stuff, which is what we all love.  If I can do that, and have a market that I can sell at as well........I am happy.  And that my dears is that.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Look and listen friends

This show should be a hootville of fun.  Hope you make it and support a small businesses.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Just sayin......

This is the best!  Just the BEST!  In AMERICA!  The Junk Tribe should be so proud.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Did I mention........

Did I mention that......July, August  admission to 2Sat will be $3.00?  And it will start at 8am and last all the live long day.  Door lady Rachel has taken over the surprise gifts for the first 20 folks thru the door so there will be no more snafu's as there was last month.

Did I mention......... that we will be having some really great new vendors hanging out with us this month and some of our old favorites will be back......I will post the floor plan once it is set in stone.

Did I mention that.......the hanger is getting ready to close for retro-fitting and will be closed for 6 months.  I am looking,looking,looking for a new building to have the market in while the workshop is unusable.  Please let me know if you  know of anything.

So, 3. buck entry fee for the next few shows, new vendors who will delight and charm and old friends returning......we have a couple of vendor spots left tho if you are so inclined.   In August we are having a giant tag sale, a 2nd Saturday rummage sale number 1.  We should have a lot of  fun with that.  Sometimes even junk dealers need to purge and August will be the month for it.

Hope to see you all July 14th, 8-3 at hanger 30 in the workshop, magnuson park, seattle wa.  L

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

All the news.......

Sometimes it's hard to find my voice.

2nd Saturdayz has a voice, different from what I use when I am normally being Lulu or Linda.  It has it's own voice, and I lost it.

I had the wind knocked out of me for awhile.    But what 2sat is is a business, an itty bitty business but a business none the less.  But it like all businesses it reflects the principle of the one in charge.  And as unlikely as it may be, that appears to be me.
And I need to get back to business!  Lets fire it up baby cuz I've got some planning to do.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

May show canceled!!!!!!!!!!

Something happened this month that has never happened in the 24 shows that we have done.........I could not find enough vendors to put together the type of quality show that 2nd Saturdayz is known for.

Ruffles and Rust, a show in Monroe is running the same weekend and we share a lot of the same vendors, 4 vendors called and said that they were on vacation, my friend Virginia, a 2sat staple, is out of town working an estate job. Gail and Otis are low on product, Leslie is taking the month off getting ready for Farm Chicks, and there are out of state reunions bla bla when it started to seem too thin, I agonized and finally this morning decided to pull the May plug.

So help me get the word out.

I will miss doing the show, but unless we can really be great, why do it?


Friday, April 20, 2012

I admit that I don't get out enough.  I have what I like to call my little Tacoma animal trials.............sorta a pattern of Junk stores and Antique malls that I lurk around in for good stuff.

But when I got an invite to go to lunch in Bothell with some of "the most amusing ladies", and I was told there would be chocolate milkshakes as well, there was no question, Bothell next stop.

I had long wanted to stop into Country Village, and it right up the road from the famous Ranch Drive Inn, so I went and I had no is like a little disney town, complete with pond and an old guy feeding the ducks.  Sam Wheeler at the Antique Mall made me feel right at home.......and while I was there the most amusing ladies came into fluff their mall space.  It was good hunting and gathering.

So Bothell is on the new Animal Trail list, chocolate shakes and good junk, really what more can a girl ask for?

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Jeanne d' arc Living Magazine

We still have some spring Jeanne D'Arc's, let me know if I can mail one to you.  With postage they are 16.00.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Jackie Lee Eagan Knapp just posted a blip on FB about me doing her beyond great show in Anacortes, April 28th, called Island Chicks.     They let the show go for a brief period of time and another promoter did it.  I was not asked to attend when that promoter had the show, in fact I believe I was told that I wasn't welcome to even shop it.....anyway when I read all the nice things that Jackie wrote about I had an "oh God I'm so not worthy moment", and this is why.

Even tho I have been running 2nd Saturdayz from almost the first show, it was not started by me alone.  Truth be told is started on a trip with Frank and Virginia to Port Orchard, which Virginia thought was Port Townsend.....and I was in the back seat whining about Fremont in the winter, and Frank said we should start our own show.  Do it at Sandpoint on the months when Denis doesn't have a show.  Well that went no where, but I coerced John and Bob into my scheme.  And we looked and looked for venues all over the area.  And finally one day at a Denis Eros show I just made up my mind that we were putting a deposit on the venue and going for it.  And we did, we contacted all the vendors we had met over the years and asked them if they would be interested in a monthly show.......Gail & Otis were the first paid vendors we had.  And both John and Bob worked so hard making the show a go.  Bob has the decorating bug big time and that first show that he and Bev did was so lovely.  It was swoon worthy.  But Bob and John decided that they just wanted to be vendors and they were great vendors, they also made the gift bags and vendor bags, Bob would make vendor pins that I would promptly lose, but some of the vendors still wear them.  What I am saying is this.  I am totally responsible for getting the show paid for every month.  But John and Bobs spirit will always be there as far as I am concerned, and if anybody had good things to say about 2nd Saturdayz, they certainly deserve part of the credit.  That is why I needed to put a disclaimer out into the planet internet.

But Thank-You Jackie, my pin boards do rock.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Vendor info, floor plan.

New Vendor Information.
So you think you want to become a member of the Junk Tribe, well here is the scoop.

The market is held monthly , the 2nd Saturday of the month at Magnuson Park,7400 Sandpoint Way, in Seattle wa, in the workshop attached to hanger 30.

2nd Saturdayz is billed as a Urban market, not a flea market. I love a flea but 2nd Sat is just a bit different in that we work really hard to make each market a event that our customers not only leave with interesting items but are inspired as well.
We are a vintage only market, I hate the word juried, but I do need to have a sense of the type of items you are selling, pictures and what other, if any other markets you have done.
We love fresh, never- before -done- a -show- folks, and are happy to mentor and encourage. I love what I do and am happy to help in any way I can.

We are in a small venue, we kinda like a small venue, and we may stay in a small venue for along time. That means we only have room for a small number of new vendors each month. We have our regular Junk Tribe that has been with us since the beginning and we are totally loyal to them about their spaces. But we have some spots that we save every month for new vendors or different vendors and we encourage you to apply and give it a shot.

If you have any other questions you can take a look at our web site, or you can e-mail me at, or call, 253.709.6041 and I will get back to you.

 We are really a happy show. We really want all our vendors to be successful and have a good time.

Thanks for considering hanging out with us.


Floor plan: 

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

flea markets.

It is no secret to anyone who knows me that I love a flea market or a swap meet.  Not really cuz I like to shop them, I just like the "vibe".

Somehow I have ended up with a really lovely market.  Really, 2nd Saturdayz for it's size and the fact that we have it once a month is extraordinary.  I would be proud to have a show once a year as lovely as 2sat is most months.  But the vendors bring it every month.  I am always amazed and proud to be part of such a great and talented bunch.

But, and here it comes, what I also really love is a market like we bumped into in Elma this Saturday, after the Grays Harbor Swap Meet (which I love).  It was in an old grange, love an old grange hall, and it had a rusty tin roof.  The ramp going up to the door was so steep that if it was ment to be used by someone  in a wheel chair lets hope that they were an olympic athlete.  I was in love before I opened the doors to see it was painted entirely in PINK!  The pink Linda Marcov and I call old lady pink, soft and glowing.  Not only the walls, but the tables and all the benches, old lady pink.  I was swooning.  Geff and I were the youngest folks in there, except for the 12 year old girl selling friendship bracelets.  There were tables filled with the most undesirable crap I have ever seen.  Yet I was enchanted. When I bought candles made by the honey man.......he only had 6 and he really seemed not to want to sell them,  each one he carefully wrapped in a paper towel and closed with tape, in the middle of the candle wrapping he ran out of tape.  It was all stop, everyone went looking for tape.  You gotta love that.  Crocheted beer hats, yes they were there.  Crocheted everything.  In the most ghastly variegated acrylic yarn imaginable.  I was loving them.

And this is why.  I love what we do, all of us that sell.  When Linda was speaking at 2sat a couple of months ago she called what we did a noble profession.  And it is.

I love that those folks gathered items all month and crocheted and cleaned and lugged, boxed, and priced.  Just like we do at 2nd Saturdayz.  We have a different customer base, ours are hip, urban, sophisticated shop keepers and the very discriminating.  But it is the same, the same care and hope that we will come away better off at the end of the day.   

So I hope you will come to our little market this Saturday, January 14th.  I can promise that over Debs dead body there will be no variegated  acrylic anything, but there will be heart, just like in Elma last Saturday.  Hope to see you there.  OX L