Monday, October 25, 2010

2nd Saturdayz Vintage Market November 13th, We have packed the house! We mean the Hangar!!!

We are sooo excited about the November show!  Too many surprises to just have to come see it!  Vendors questions?  Feel free to email us.  You'll be hearing from us soon...did we mention the famous cookie fairy will be with us?   And  "Here There and Everywhere"  to cater to any and all of your hunger needs during the show?  Can't wait to get the whole Junk Tribe together for our biggest show ever!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Just in!!! Jeanne d 'Arc Living Magazine...

Look what we have!  Just for you our 2nd Saturdayz vendors and fabulous customers!  This beautiful, did I say beautiful (?) magazine is available!  Email me Deb,, and we can get one to you.  Or pick one up at 2nd Saturdayz Vintage Market on November 13th for 30.00 per copy.  Looking forward to seeing you!

Dreaming Big;)
Linda, Janet and Deb

Thursday, October 7, 2010

And now....We will be Here!!!!

We'll be getting ready to see you all at Junk Salvation's Vintage Flea Market...coming quick!  Click above to get all the scoop, and come visit us there!  Until our Biggest show EVER on Nov.13th  2nd Saturdayz Vintage Holiday Flea Market Magnuson Park in Seattle, so many surprises ahead...we are so excited!  Keep visiting to get all the updates...can't wait!!!

We're Dreaming Big ;)
Linda, Janet and Deb