Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Fabulous Give Away...2 of You and a Friend get to Shop on set up day!!!

So this is the thing, we are going to offer early buying to 2 parties of 2.  For our May show.  So that would be for Friday May 13th in Snohomish for our 1 year anniversary.

You and a friend will be able to come into the secret realm of 2sat set up Friday and shop to your hearts content.  First choice at anything that you see being brought in.  You can come as early as noon and stay the whole afternoon, evening or come and go or what ever suits you little junk loving heart.  We will offer libation and poo poos and some itsy bitsy gifts and trinkets.

I can tell you, there is no show that is not at it's most fun the day of set up.  I totally love set up days.

Just tell us a favorite junking story, or about a  best find or about a junk store that you love.  And we will number the comments as they come in and pick 2 outa a hat.  We will combine the comments we get here with any that we get on Facebook, let the wild rumpus begin!

Deb will love this idea, now who is gonna tell her?

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


We are looking to add to the tribe for May.

If you would like to be a vendor please contact Deb.  We are looking for some flower vendors or bakers.  We have some extra room and are excited to make it a really fun Urban Market.  Know any Jugglers or Mimes?

We are having a great time planning this market in Snohomish, the 14th of May.