Monday, May 23, 2011

2nd Saturdayz Roadtrip was Incredible! Thank you! See you in Seattle on June 11th!

So much fun was had by all!!!  Thank you all, our fabulous vendors, and faithful customers, and all of you who came from B.C., Thank you Snohomish, for your hospitality! We'll see you all back in Seattle at Magnusen Park on June 11th!  Lots of us will be freshly home from Farm Chicks, with lots of stories to tell and of course some really great Junk!  We are packed full for June so we'll see you soon!
Dreaming Big Still,
Linda and Deb

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Come on down.

I called Ms Marcov this am and she already had her numbers for me, her grandsons ages.

The winners of the 2nd Sat fabulous Friday set up day are Fish Tail Cottage,  and the lovely and so talented Lisa Johnson from A Thing for Roses, and one more cuz I screwed up the counting , Queen of the Tin Palace.  Really I just wanted to have everyone but the vendors threatened a mutiny.   So there you go.  I will be contacting each of you with details.  Oompa-Lompas may be sighted.

Thanks so much for entering.