Saturday, August 27, 2011

Flea Market Style Magazine, 2nd Saturdayz, and Kimberly Love...

If you buy this you will understand our excitement!!!
Recognize that pretty lady in the Red?  Well, that's Kimberly telling her 2nd Saturdayz Junk story!  And we are thrilled, and very grateful to be featured in the Autumn 2012 Flea Market Style!  Come see us on September'll have your own Junk find story to tell!  Can't wait to see you all!
See you soon!
Linda and Deb

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Sept 10th vendor list, thus far..........

1a. oxo
1.  Summerland Style, Nia
2.  Leslie
3.  Minda
4.  Renaissance Flowers, Jana
5.  Brenda
6.  Junk Dreams, Virginia
7. Garden Party, Deb
8.  Cinnabarblue, Lori
9.  Luluz
10. Diana
11. Tana
12. Sue Baker
13. Aunt Ferns,  Sheryl
14. Great Findz, Dawn
15. Jill
16. French Bulldog, Susan
17. A Touch of Mink
18.Circle Creek Farm, John and Brenda
19. Michelle McClinn
20. Linda & Billie
21. JohnBobCoolJunk, John and Bob
22. Gather, Patty Thompson
23. Linda Jensen
24. Whimsical whites, Kris & Kathy
25. Maureen.
26. Dyan

As you can see we have a couple of open spots, if you wish to apply please email Deb.

If you are in September show and I do not have your name or your business name correct please let me know, and I would love to have the link to your blog, etsy or website.  We will keep working on it.
Hope you find this helpful.  L

Saturday, August 6, 2011

August 13th Vendor List

This list is subject to some last minute switching about, cuz thats just how we roll here at 2sat, but it gives you all an idea of who will be here this month.

1a. Flurish
1. Nina
2. Leslie
3. Nia, Summerland Style
4. Susan, French Bulldog
5. Brenda
6. Viriniga, JunkDreams
7. Luluz
8. Diana
9. Laughlan
10. Laughlan
11. Tana
12. Nona
13. Sheryl Althauser
14. Dawn, Great Findz
15. Jill Holmgren
16. Deb, Oromlulu
17. Minda
19. Jon & Brenda, Circle Creek
20. Jon & Brenda, Circle Creek
21. Katie Bean
22. JohnBob Cool Junk
23. Patty Thompson
24 Linda Jensen
25. Whimsical Whites
26. Gail & Otis
27. Dyan
28. Linda & Billie

So each month I will try and get this posted, and I will even try to have the vendors complete names and business names.  But it's my trail run.  Hope you all find this helpful and let us know if you are looking for something in particular and I can give the vendors a heads up.  See you all soon.  L