Sunday, December 9, 2012

Happy Silly.

Thank you so much for the response we got in Tacoma for this months 2sat.
It was as, Deb Bock and I used to love to say, a 2nd Saturdayz Miracle.

I thought that I wanted to have a sale to get rid of some Christmas that I had been making, and went looking for a small space to have a little bizarre bazar.  And then it grew! In 10 days into a really sweet mini 2Sat.

I am so touched that the vendors who came trusted me enough to think that it would be worth their while.  It is an honor to have friends who will stick with me and my cocka mamie schemes.  I know most of them did very well and decided that Tacoma might be a really great place to have a market after all.

Sometimes I just throw things up to the Happy, Silly Gods and see what sticks........they gave the Junk Tribe a 2nd Saturdayz christmas miracle.  And I believe in lots of Happy Silly in 2013.

Hope to see you all, January 12, somewhere in Tacoma.  Please sign up for our e-mails and keep track of us on Facebook,  2nd Saturdayz.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

2nd Saturdayz Holiday

We are so excited, what started with Virginia and I deciding we needed a little show before Christmas has turned into a gathering of the Junk Tribe.

Hope to see all of wonderful, crazy, fun loving customers here!

You will love Tacoma,  it's filled with Junk and 2 of the best vintage clothing stores I have ever seen, no kidding.  Vanity, who will be at 2Sat and Glenna's  . Stanford & Sons is of course world famous for amazing antiques and now has a middle floor filled with great vintage and cool stuff.  I hesitate to even mention these next 2 stops, cuz I kinda have a little crush on them and want to keep them to myself, but Poppy & Co. is so good filled with great items that have been hand curated and made to look amazing.  The other spot Millesime love her and her lovely store. So come to 2nd Satudayz, shop and go get yourself on a Camel at the Art Museum,you really can't beat those options.  Just saying.