Wednesday, December 5, 2012

2nd Saturdayz Holiday

We are so excited, what started with Virginia and I deciding we needed a little show before Christmas has turned into a gathering of the Junk Tribe.

Hope to see all of wonderful, crazy, fun loving customers here!

You will love Tacoma,  it's filled with Junk and 2 of the best vintage clothing stores I have ever seen, no kidding.  Vanity, who will be at 2Sat and Glenna's  . Stanford & Sons is of course world famous for amazing antiques and now has a middle floor filled with great vintage and cool stuff.  I hesitate to even mention these next 2 stops, cuz I kinda have a little crush on them and want to keep them to myself, but Poppy & Co. is so good filled with great items that have been hand curated and made to look amazing.  The other spot Millesime love her and her lovely store. So come to 2nd Satudayz, shop and go get yourself on a Camel at the Art Museum,you really can't beat those options.  Just saying.


  1. I am Vicky. I will be sharing a booth with Joy. I am looking forward in meeting you. I am sure there will be good antique and vintage stuff to buy at this venue.

    1. Hi,
      Does anyone know the times?? The add with wreath says 9:00 but the yellow one on craigslist says 10:00. Additionally there is no info as to whether or not there will be early buyers, if it would be at 8:00 or 9:00 depending on which is the regular admission, nor what the price will be compared to the $3.00 regular general admission. This is very confusing! Any info would be much appreciated!

  2. Hi everyone,
    Wishing you a Merry Christmas and GOOD LUCK at the first 2nd saturdayz in Tacoma.
    Warmest Regards,
    Kathy and Kris-Whimsical Whites

  3. wish you Whimsical Whites Ladies were going to be joining us. Miss you.