Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Nov 2 Sat

I wanted to make sure that you know that 2nd Saturdayz is this Saturday, November 12th in the workshop at Magnuson Park.  Please check our web site or blog for detailed directions.

This month we have some really great new vendors joining us.  Barb, of Scout, will be back in the hanger.  We are so excited to have her, I love her style.  She is continually fresh and fun. And we just love to have her vibe in the building.  Dena, from Spokane is making the trek.  She is totally fabulicious.  Her stuff is so good.  Really, really great.  And she is fabulicious as well.  Both she and mr fabulicious will be here.  All I can say is bring the big truck. Really, the big truck.  We will be having the cupcake lady, and a vintage christmas duo.....and then YES        WillowNest. The one and only.  I hear angles sing when I see their offerings.  Linda and Ludmil have a style and presence that is uniquely their own.  It is really unheard of that they would do a show in Seattle, since they live in Burton Texas, but they will be here, and I am so grateful.  For all of us it will be a real treat to see them at work.  I am really amazed by all our vendors. Month after month they drag a room or 2 full of stuff, arrange it, price it, make it look interesting and can still crack a joke or two when folks walk thru the door Saturday Morning

I was just saying to Geff, that my favorite thing is to walk into the workshop with him and Virginia at 5:30am on Saturday morning and see it.  All ready and waiting, for you.  

What I want is for everyone to live a happy life.  I know that sounds sappy but really I do.  And I think that leading a life of beauty, filled with items that are unique and that are treasured and have been treasured is a step in a really happy life.  

I refer to our vendors as the Junk Tribe, and I know each of them works really hard to bring to you every month bits and tads of beauty and inspiration.  I hope you take the time to stop by on Saturday, the music will by on and we will be there 8-3, early buying starts at 8 and the entry is $10.00 after 10 it is $5.00.  And yes, the first 20 folks thru the door at 8 get one of Bob's treat bags, and this month I think that Deb has something "cooked" up for the first few folks in after 10 as well.

 thanks L