Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Jackie Lee Eagan Knapp just posted a blip on FB about me doing her beyond great show in Anacortes, April 28th, called Island Chicks.     They let the show go for a brief period of time and another promoter did it.  I was not asked to attend when that promoter had the show, in fact I believe I was told that I wasn't welcome to even shop it.....anyway when I read all the nice things that Jackie wrote about I had an "oh God I'm so not worthy moment", and this is why.

Even tho I have been running 2nd Saturdayz from almost the first show, it was not started by me alone.  Truth be told is started on a trip with Frank and Virginia to Port Orchard, which Virginia thought was Port Townsend.....and I was in the back seat whining about Fremont in the winter, and Frank said we should start our own show.  Do it at Sandpoint on the months when Denis doesn't have a show.  Well that went no where, but I coerced John and Bob into my scheme.  And we looked and looked for venues all over the area.  And finally one day at a Denis Eros show I just made up my mind that we were putting a deposit on the venue and going for it.  And we did, we contacted all the vendors we had met over the years and asked them if they would be interested in a monthly show.......Gail & Otis were the first paid vendors we had.  And both John and Bob worked so hard making the show a go.  Bob has the decorating bug big time and that first show that he and Bev did was so lovely.  It was swoon worthy.  But Bob and John decided that they just wanted to be vendors and they were great vendors, they also made the gift bags and vendor bags, Bob would make vendor pins that I would promptly lose, but some of the vendors still wear them.  What I am saying is this.  I am totally responsible for getting the show paid for every month.  But John and Bobs spirit will always be there as far as I am concerned, and if anybody had good things to say about 2nd Saturdayz, they certainly deserve part of the credit.  That is why I needed to put a disclaimer out into the planet internet.

But Thank-You Jackie, my pin boards do rock.


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    1. I am so proud of 2sat. Thank-you.

  2. It takes a lot of people to make a good show that's true, but nearly always someone is the heart and soul of it........that's you.

  3. Gayle, thank-you. made me tear up a bit.