Friday, April 20, 2012

I admit that I don't get out enough.  I have what I like to call my little Tacoma animal trials.............sorta a pattern of Junk stores and Antique malls that I lurk around in for good stuff.

But when I got an invite to go to lunch in Bothell with some of "the most amusing ladies", and I was told there would be chocolate milkshakes as well, there was no question, Bothell next stop.

I had long wanted to stop into Country Village, and it right up the road from the famous Ranch Drive Inn, so I went and I had no is like a little disney town, complete with pond and an old guy feeding the ducks.  Sam Wheeler at the Antique Mall made me feel right at home.......and while I was there the most amusing ladies came into fluff their mall space.  It was good hunting and gathering.

So Bothell is on the new Animal Trail list, chocolate shakes and good junk, really what more can a girl ask for?


  1. Now the 'amusing ladies' need to head down to T-town! I adore Country Village!

  2. We could meet in Seattle and "do" Susan & Kurt..........

  3. Nathaniel loves it there! We always have to ride the train :)