Monday, July 2, 2012

Did I mention........

Did I mention that......July, August  admission to 2Sat will be $3.00?  And it will start at 8am and last all the live long day.  Door lady Rachel has taken over the surprise gifts for the first 20 folks thru the door so there will be no more snafu's as there was last month.

Did I mention......... that we will be having some really great new vendors hanging out with us this month and some of our old favorites will be back......I will post the floor plan once it is set in stone.

Did I mention that.......the hanger is getting ready to close for retro-fitting and will be closed for 6 months.  I am looking,looking,looking for a new building to have the market in while the workshop is unusable.  Please let me know if you  know of anything.

So, 3. buck entry fee for the next few shows, new vendors who will delight and charm and old friends returning......we have a couple of vendor spots left tho if you are so inclined.   In August we are having a giant tag sale, a 2nd Saturday rummage sale number 1.  We should have a lot of  fun with that.  Sometimes even junk dealers need to purge and August will be the month for it.

Hope to see you all July 14th, 8-3 at hanger 30 in the workshop, magnuson park, seattle wa.  L

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