Thursday, September 27, 2012

News Break

2nd Saturdayz is on hiatus, I looked and pondered about what to do while our building at Mag Park was under going renovations.  And nothing came along.  I am a huge believer that the Universe lets you know stuff.  And after looking and spending days on the phone and visits to lots of really unsuitable venues I just realized it was time to let the wind take me where it may.  So in 6-9 months the building will be ready at Magnuson Park once again, Geff and I will get to take a long over due vacation to parts as yet unknown to us, and maybe some Maui time.

I will miss the "Tribe" like crazy.  Some folks in the vintage business love the hunt for great stuff, I like the unexpected folks that would walk in the door on Friday to set up.  I love seeing Kathy, Kris and Richard, Little Linda and Gerry, I will miss Jill and think about how Bill is doing, Susan Plunkett and Virginia I see, but I will miss watching them turn the ordinary into cuteness.  I will miss them all, the sometimes vendors and the folks who were always there.  Otis and Gail.  I adore Gail but the Otis just squeezes my heart.  Such a sweet loving little creature.  I will miss it.  I never have once regretted being a part of 2nd Saturdayz and I am proud of it and when the building is ready hopefully the "Tribe" will reassemble and we will carry on our antics.

But in the mean time you junk loving shoppers will have plenty to keep you amused.  This weekend, Sept 28&29 is The Mad Hatter Flea Market in Spokane.  I am in total love with Glad and her adorable family including Cel who is the co-promoter of this divine event.  I have done this show every single year, but this year I had to opt out for a pre planned girls weekend. But if you can go you are lucky ducks.

Then in Oct 12 and 13th the ever amusing Ruffles and Rust will once again be filled to the brim with great vendors and fun times.  Timi always puts on a great show and you won't be sorry if you can get to the monroe fair grounds to pay them a visit.

I am very proud to say that this year I will be a vendor at Remnants of The Past.  It has been named the best market in the country and frankly I think I am in way over my head, but this is where my theme for this year, FEAR Less", kicks in. The show starts Oct 19th with a early buying celebration and runs thru the weekend.  For the full on info, go to the amazing website at  Working with Judy and her helpers has been amazing.  And from everything I have heard the show will be astounding.  I talked my friend Susan Wheeler into going down and being a vendor at the show as well.  Hope to see some familiar faces there.

In November on the 2nd Saturday you have lots to do my friend Sharon Kagy who puts on one of my favorite markets monthly at the Thurston Co fair grounds is having her yearly Girlfriends Holiday Market at the Thurston Co Fairgrounds.  And Junk Salvation is returning to Puyallup to do what those sisters love to do.  Put on a great, good time junk loving show. I will be there selling my wares.

So thats the scoop, yours in Junk and Fun  Lulu.


  1. Thank you for the sweet mention, our show was over the top this year....we are feeling so blessed. Finally getting caught up on some blogging....can't wait to hear how fabulous your trip to Remnants of the Past was. Take care of yourself and talk to you soon.

    xox Glad

  2. Linda,
    You always make us smile!! Can't wait to see you in Puyallup.

    Linda & Dixie