Wednesday, September 28, 2011

October 8th Vendor Floor Plan

1a.  Laurie Hellewell
1.    Summerland Style, Nia
2.    Whimsical Whites
3.    Leslie Hughes
4.    Debie Schmid
5.    kg crafts
6.    Junk Dreams, Virginia
7.    Luluz
8.    Cat Eye Girls
9.    cat eye girls continued.
10.  Cinnabarblue
11.  Dianna
12.  Tana
13.  Sheryl Althauser, Aunt Ferns
14.  Jill Holmgren
15.  Poor Pitiful Pam, Pam
16.  Minda
17.  A Touch of Mink
18.  Circle Creek, John and Brenda Wahl
19.  Michelle Renee's Art and Antiques
20.  Linda & Billie
21.  JohnBob Cool Junk
22.  Patty Thompson
23.  Linda Jensen
24.  Susan Plunkett
25.  Maureen
26.  ReDeFindVintage.
27.  Dyan
Vendors, Please let me know your business name if I do not have it and a link to showcase your wares.  I know you may have given me a card but if you e-mail it to me I will add it to the floor plan.  Thanks L

Monday, September 19, 2011


So I'm wondering, we always have a big discussion about signage here at 2sat.

Most of the vendors like us to put up signs , we usually put the signs up on friday.   But I contend, and the "experts" that I met with agree, that signs are useless.  And esp. if you are having a event in the middle of a huge city in the middle of a well known park.  I think signage inside the park to be the most valuable.

So the question is, do you need signs to find 2nd Saturdayz?  If you see a sign along side of the road that has an event on it will you just follow the sign and go to the event?  I think that the social media is the new signage.  But wondering what you all think?