Wednesday, October 12, 2011

We got some legends coming.........

My friends Linda and Ludmil are coming to 2nd Saturdayz!  We are so excited!

Linda and Ludmil will be vendors at 2nd Saturdayz in November, and Linda will be giving a talk about how to thrive and survive in the Vintage Business.

Linda and Ludmil, known as willownest , are legendary, that is what Serena of the Farm Chicks called them.  And they are.  Folks are coming out of the wood work to tell me how Willownest inspired them, Trisha Brink of Grandiflora in Lynden WA said, "I "grew up" in my late teens/early 20's drooling over all the wonderful things Linda would dream up and Ludmill would craft. They were the ultimate couple to me....and after meeting them and spending a couple of hours with them at their home & shop....we were so inspired and invigorated that we came back to Grandiflora teaming with awesome ideas. I am so thankful for all their years of hard work and wonderful has helped me to be who I am today....and what Grandiflora has become. They were so genuine & helpful....not what you'd expect from "famous" folks. I'm so glad I had a chance to meet them in person. :)"  When I chatted with Judy Watkins of Remnants of the Past, she mentioned that Linda had been a mentor to her as well.  When Linda and Ludmil moved from southen Washington to Texas they gave the Barn House Boys their start.  Willownest has graced the pages of County Living, Romantic Homes and we all recall Linda as the Queen of Glitter when they had their sweet little store in Buxton.  

Linda and Ludmil are never content to be big fish in a small pond so they moved to Texas and now show with the creme de la creme at Marburger during Round Top and this past summer was spent in the south of France shopping and hob nobbing with the lovely Corey Amaro famous blogger of Tongue in Cheek.

Linda inspires me almost daily, she is funny, smart and knows how to spin magic.  I love her and she will be at the Workshop where we have 2nd Satudayz on Friday, November 11th at 10 O'clock to talk about how they have created a beautiful lifestyle doing what they love.  We will be serving a box brunch,  if you are in the resale vintage industry and would like to join us the cost is $27.00.  E-mail me at and I will get you on the list.  We must know by Oct 28th.  Hope to see you either at the brunch or at the show.  I will be wonderful.


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