Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Here they are! A few of our spectacular Vendors for December 11th!!

Dawn of greatfindz.blogspot.com will be with us of course!!   She can regularly be found at 2nd Saturdayz Market.  We so appreciate her talent and so do her happy customers and clients!   Always something new!
And John and Brenda of circlecreekhome.blogspot.com!  We're so happy they'll be with us again!  A style uniquely theirs...can't wait to see what they have for Christmas!
And Patty of "Gather" is back!!  We're always excited to see what she's bringing.  Always full of surprises being toted along in her Airstream Trailer.  Love you Patty;) 

It'll be so much fun...Our Christmas Junk Tribe Reunion.  And you're invited!  See you Soon!

Linda and Deb


  1. Can't wait - I am in search for props and if I am going to find them anywhere - it will be with you!!!

  2. I am so excited to be a vendor this time! I so love this group of people...