Friday, September 24, 2010

Boo Hoo

 No 2nd Saturdayz in October
When we went to book the hangers last Spring October was already taken.  This up coming year we have a lock on all the 2nd Satudayz except for May, Pratt bought the entire complex.

But we will not be idle my little shopping Monkeys, the first weekend of October Janet and I will be over in Spokane with 2 of my favorite women, Gladys & Cecelia for Mad Hatter Vintage Flea Market  this is the real deal.  True Junkers creating a beautiful space for other true Junkers to show their wares.  It is a one of a kind show in my opinion and it is a honor for me to be a part of it.

The Second Weekend is the Show that really started it all for me, Sandpoint Antique and Design Market.
I always say that if Dennis had had a show every month I would of never felt the need to start 2nd Saturdayz.  I love the mix of vendors at this show, there are always a few surprises and I love that old time Junkers feel.  Casual & easy with a bit of spice.

15th and 16th you will find all of 2nd Saturday, Janet, Debie and I, at the Junk Salvation Vintage Flea Market.

And I might be able to talk the Girlies of the Junk Tribe to do a Fremont one of the Sundays we have off.  So some great shopping will be had, but I have to admit I will be glad when November is closer so I can start telling about all the really fun ideas we have for our Holiday Shows, November 13 and December 11th. In the big hanger.

Happy hunting and gathering.......


  1. LOVE Gladys & Celia. I'm bummed I'm not going with you!

  2. Did you mean Oct. 15th and 16th for Junk Salvation's show? That's what I have on my calendar.

  3. Wish I could go to the Mad Hatter Show . . . the finest, nicest people, for sure! Hope you have a GREAT time (duh!).

    Couldn't agree with you more about the Sand Point Antique and Design Market--"CHARACTERS WELCOME" couldn't make me happier! So glad you'll be there with us in October!!

    My ankle is slowly returning to usability, and I NEED it! Want to be able to run all around Hangar 30 in November and December for 2nd Saturdayz . . . it's gonna be soooooo exciting!!!

    xoxo Debi