Wednesday, July 7, 2010

july vendors

Just a bit more enticement for you head to 2nd Saturdayz July 10th.  Some of our regular vendors will be out of the building this Saturday, doing out of town shows, medical procedures, etc.  But we have some new vendors setting up and our lovely wonderful regulars.  Garden Party, Deb who had a wedding to flower up last month.  Windy and Gary Rushing will be back, they are funsters and bring great stuff.  Virginia, I love Virginia.  Last time she had these to die for french chairs, a pair no less.  She is always a surprise.  Speaking of surprise Patty Thompson will be back, love her and her look. Of course the John Bob cool junk will be there, decorating everything in sight.  I hear Bob has been a shopping fool as of late so I am so excited to see what they will have in the truck. Jill Holmgren, last time she had a screen door that made my heart skip a beat. Bev, who always has posies and tre cute display, Julia, beautiful fancy antique lady clothing and accouterments. Linda Olsen, artist and the soul of any good flea market. Along with Jerry and Dedra, they are truly some of the reasons why I love this business so much. Vintage in it's finest state. Nia is new this time, we are so happy to have her. Nia had a booth at funky junk sisters and at farm chicks both times everything was perfect and fabulous beyond beyond.  We are so excited to have her join up.  Everyone loves Sheryl, she makes and finds great stuff.  Cannot wait to see what she has this time.  I know that I have left some folks out, I am just doing this without a list of any kind, God forbid that I should have a list.  I am sure Janet will look this over and call to remind me of who I forgot. 

Janet and I have some surprises of our own to show you.  I am really looking forward to Saturday to share my day with you.

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  1. I enjoyed my very first (but not last) 2nd Saturdayz show. My friends and I got a late start from the east side of the mountains but still found lots to take home. I'm enjoying my bottle cap pins, my french bingo cards, barkcloth, and many many other great pieces. Your venders have a lovely style~we'll be back with a bigger car! Thank you!