Sunday, June 13, 2010

I am so proud

I was not at my best this Saturday, I am still sorta exhausted from doing Farm Chicks, we call it the Farm Chick hang over. (I just awoke from a 4 hour sunday afternoon nap).  I really worked all week to make this 2nd Saturdayz look and feel as good as the first one, only better, but I struggled a bit.  The day before instead of having the entire Friday to set up the UofW Architecture Grads were having a party in the space, so we could not get in until 9 pm friday nite, and then we opened the doors at 5am the next morning. Janet said that there were vendors there until 2am setting up and Janet slept in the cap of her truck. God bless her, she was up at 5. right after I arrived.

Geff had new direction signs made, and I was really pleased with how they turned out.  We still need advice on where to place them the day of the sale.  I did not hear that there was as much trouble finding us. But next month I need to get up to Mag park and place a sign 2 weeks before the sale reminding folks.  I did not do it this time.  And the traffic because it was the day of the main UofW graduation was beyond anything I could have imagined.  I am really amazed anyone was at our sale in the afternoon. Even with all that, all the vendors were lovely, good spirited and their booths looked great.  It really felt so happy and wonderful.  I am not a crier.  But when I looked around right before the doors opened Saturday morning I almost broke into tears.  I say it all the time, being with my tribe makes me happy.  Saturday made me happy.  Thank-you vendors of 2nd Saturdayz.  You guys really are the best of the best.  Next month is just around the corner and Janet and I are already working to making it amazing.

If you were a vendor or a customer please let me know if there is anything that we can do to make the experience better for you.  We do have some surprises up our sleeves for the coming year so stay tuned.  OX L


  1. You are so amazing, and you really don't have a clue! I wasn't there, but I'll bet it was wonderful again, Linda. I am feeling completely out of touch this year with shows, and dealers, and feeling forlorn. My 12 year old and a bestie have a cake decorating class on..yes, 7/10!! What is up with my world?

  2. Now having seen it all in person -- I can't wait to join you all. The space, the vendors, the vibe are all so magnetic. REally well done all around!

  3. My friend and I can't wait to come next month!And every month after that!! Thank you Thank you Thank you for putting this on!

  4. Linda, you have every reason to shed a few tears of happiness {and exhaustion!} - your show is wonderful! You gals have really created something marvelous for dealers and shoppers alike.

    It looked beautiful, so don't worry about what you didn't get done - I have a friend who says that no one else knows what you PLANNED to do, they just know what they see you DID. So 'it doesn't matter' and you can't stress over it!!! ;0)

    Deb @ Retreat

  5. {{Oh, and thank you so MUCH for sharing our Petite Retreat postcard on your blog!!!}}