Sunday, December 20, 2009


 Bob Saupan, John Letson, JohnBob, cool junk, Janet Sears, Blue Ewe and I have firmed up our first date for a small brocante (Parisian style flea market).   It is set for May 8th in what is known as the workshop in hanger 30 @ Magnuson Park in Seattle

What we wanted to get out to you is the date, and some basic info to help in your planning if you would like to join us.

It will be a one day show, show time will be 8am-4pm.

The booth space is limited, and I can tell you that Bob and John worked really hard to make sure we got as many folks in as possible and still be in compliance with the Fire Marshall.

We are asking for a deposit of 1/2, we will save that booth for you. 2 weeks prior to the sale the total amount is due.

John, Bob, Janet and I have been in the Junk game for along time, we have done hundreds of shows and flea markets, we are hoping to bring to vendors a easy profitable show in my favorite venue ever.  This is the first time we have done an on going market.  We want to be open and fair, and would love all feed back.  What we hope to give customers is a delightful shopping experience that they can count on every month, on the Second Saturday.

You can contact me, via e-mail or phone, 253-709-6041 if you need more information or need a contract sent out via snail mail.  John and Bob can take your credit or debit card.

We have been baking this thing for 2 years now, so we hope that you will join us to make it a must go to for shoppers all around the pacific northwest.

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